Gray Church

Gray Church

It is time to stop fighting about gray issues and to embrace the unity Jesus desires for us

I was the editor for this book and I heartily recommend it for any pastor who wants a clear path to church unity in these divisive times.

Christians love to fight, and most of the time we fight unnecessary battles. We fight over worship styles, building programs, carpet color, governance structures, use of alcohol, and a thousand other debatable matters of theology or culture. The fuel that feeds the fire are gray issues.

What is a gray issue? A gray issue is an area of theology or culture that is either not addressed in the Bible, or while addressed, leaves room for legitimate differences of opinions.

A GRAY CHURCH leverages gray issues for unity and not division. A Gray Church welcomes and does not war over preferences. A Gray Church upholds cardinal doctrine, obeys clear moral teaching, but refuses to disobey Jesus’ call for tolerance and acceptance when it comes to lesser things.

It is time to stop fighting. Or to say it more clearly, it is time to stop fighting about the wrong things and to instead embrace the unity that Jesus desires for us.

Come and join a new movement of biblically sound, theologically solid, and beautifully unified Gray Churches. If we want to reach the next generation for Christ, we must take Jesus’ call for unity much more seriously.

Publisher: Craig R. Schill
List Price: 17.95
eBook Price: 8.99
Audiobook Price: 19.95
This book does not only educate but also inspires hope for what the church could look like, reminding us that at the heart of our faith is a call to love one another, even when we disagree.
– – Dr. Jin Hyo Lee, Senior pastor over preaching, worship, liturgy, mission and outreach, Chelton Church of Hope
Gray Church bravely captures and tames the big gray elephant in the sanctuary—how to identify, talk about, and work through “gray issues” in the church. -
– Dr Michael J. Svigel, Chair and Professor of Theological Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary